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USTA Director
District 9
Timothy C. Powers
Timothy C. Powers
Timothy C. Powers

Tim Powers is a veterinarian and the owner of Somerset Veterinary Clinic and Somerset Standardbred Stable. He has been active in the sport for 45 years. Powers graduated from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. He is the past president of the Maine Harness Horsemen’s Association, a member of the Maine SBOA, served on the Maine Medication Study and Implementation Committee, and is on the board of directors of Harness Horsemen International. He is the past president of the Maine Veterinary Medicine Association and is a member of the New England VMA and American Association of Equine Practitioners. He received the 2014 Maine SBOA Special Commitment Award. He has three children, Kimberly, Sarah and Rebecca; and seven grandchildren, Oscar, Olivia, Emmett, Lucas, Elise, Esme, and Liam.

P.O. Box 339
Pittsfield, ME 04967
Phone: 207-487-5810 - Fax: 207-592-9656 [Email]
TERM EXPIRES: 2023 (Membership Director)