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Leading Horses

Click on a link below to see the top 50 Leading Horses in that category. Only North American racing statistics are shown, with all earnings expressed in US currency.

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2-year-old by Wins - 2020

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Horse Name Age Sex Gait Sts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings Record Size
MESSIN WITH MELESA 2 M P 1 1 0 0 399 2090 H
WELLTHERACEISON 2 M P 1 1 0 0 333 2081 H
IT'S SO FLUFFY 2 M T 1 1 0 0 333 2171 H
RUSH TO THE BANK 2 H T 1 1 0 0 333 2112 H
MNEMONIC 2 M T 1 1 0 0 333 2113 H
ZIPPER FLIPPER 2 H P 1 1 0 0 333 2120 H
Updated: 05/29/2020

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